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Smart DNS Services for Animal Planet

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The pay-TV channel Animal Planet will undergo an optical relaunch this week: both the logo and the colour scheme will be changed. The visual refreshment is part of a global rebranding that Discovery is currently carrying out at the station.

In the course of a global rebranding, Animal Planet will also change in Germany. As the station belonging to Discovery has now announced, there will be a new station design to be seen from 22 January. Thus among other things the Logo is changed: The pure lettering, in which a little was played with the letters, becomes a rather simple lettering, which is skipped by an elephant as a highlight. That is to represent the energy and joy, which the transmitter hopes for itself with the spectators, if it concerns the animal world.

In addition stronger colors come than so far, these would lend in the future freshness and youthfulness to the transmitter , are called it from Discovery. The New York branding and graphic design specialists from Chamayeff & Geismar & Haviv were responsible for the graphic implementation of the rebranding. In the USA, the channel’s design was already changed last year.

Eike Immisch, Senior Director Marketing & Communications at Discovery Germany, says about the rebranding: “It was time to develop a new design for Animal Planet that reflects the global aspect of the brand. We are known for telling informative as well as emotionally moving stories about the relationship between people and animals from all over the world – across all regions and cultures. And not only on linear television. That’s why we took a design approach that works on all platforms.”