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Smart DNS Services for Google Music

Compare the best Smart DNS Services to unblock Google Music on your device.
Provider Monthly Price 6 Months Price 1 Year Price Pro and Contra Specials Supported Devices for Google Music
$4.95 $27.50 $49.95
  • very good support
  • fast and easy setup
  • free trial and money back guarantee
  • doesnt support bitcoin
  • 7 days trial
  • 14 days money back guarantee
Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, Ubuntu
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After iTunes, Amazon and Co, Google is now also launched – Google Play Music is now available and offers besides the sale of songs also a mix of different services.

Google Music is here – in the Google Play Store you will find the new item “Music”. Current songs currently cost between 0.99 and 1.29 euros – but many of the top titles are at 1.29 euros. Albums cost between 6,99 – 15,49 euro.

Free storage space for 20,000 Songs!

There is free storage space for 20,000 Songs with Google Music. You don’t even have to upload your own songs yourself, because your songs will be compared with the Google database and you will find the songs directly under your 20,000 titles after a song recognition. Apple iTunes and Amazon’s MP3 shop also offer this, but Google offers it for free. You can do everything conveniently with the Music Manager.

It’s also great that the songs you buy from Google Music are not billed from your 20,000 song account. So your cloud can record 20,000 songs plus everything you buy from Google! If a song is already in the Play Store catalog, it will be displayed and you can save the download – the song will then automatically be available on Google Music.

You can listen to the songs on your computer, your tablet, on Google TV or of course on your smartphone. For Android there is already an app in the Playstore – you can play the music directly from the cloud. Furthermore you have the possibility to download songs to your devices.